Moggy (moggymania) wrote in autistic_abuse,

Autistic man repeatedly robbed, raped in care home

From Halton Borough, United Kingdom:

He started complaining to his family that things were being stolen from his room a full 1.5 years ago, and more recently indicated he was being raped by somebody; his care worker during the day said another resident was found with him in the shower.

The local council got crucial facts wrong during a discussion meeting and failed to bring in the police or health agencies (or even his main care worker) that should have been involved. They then claimed that the Crown Prosecution Service refused to take the case, when CPS was never even consulted. The council is now "working with legal advisors and the family" to handle the mess as quickly as they can.

Oddly, there isn't any mention of there being a police investigation to identify the rapist and ensure he can't attack again.
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